Frequently Asked Questions

Tandemový seskok - časté dotazy

What’s involved in a tandem jump?

A tandem jump takes about one hour, including training. A tandem pilot will take care of you as soon as you arrive. First of all, you fill in a registration form. The tandem pilot will then give you some training on land. He will show you the tandem parachute and its individual parts and will fit you out with a tandem passenger harness, which he will then adjust to suit your build. Together you will practise the basic procedures involved in a tandem jump. The tandem pilot then checks everything before you get into the plane. Which is what you do next.

The tandem pilot checks your passenger harness once again at an altitude of around 3,000 metres and hooks you to his main body harness. He will hook you on firmly using straps. When the tandem pilot tells you to get ready, it’s time to move to the doors of the aircraft. At the agreed signal, you arch yourself, tilt your head back, and place your hands on the straps of the parachute. You then drop out of the plane.

The tandem pilot releases a small drogue (braking) parachute right underneath the plane to slow you both down to a speed of around 200 km an hour. The tandem pilot then gives you the signal to stretch out your arms and enjoy free fall to the full. He opens the parachute at an altitude of around 1,500 metres. You float over the landscape and head towards the airfield. After that comes a soft landing and the chance to share the experience with your nearest and dearest.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable sports clothes, and above all sports shoes. We will lend you special overalls for the tandem jump.

How long does the jump last?

You need around an hour for a tandem jump. You fly for around 20 minutes, until the aircraft reaches the necessary altitude. The tandem jump itself lasts around 6 minutes, with approximately 40 seconds of free fall to enjoy.

Can I jump with glasses or contact lenses?

We will provide you with protective goggles for the jump – wearing these during the tandem jump is mandatory. If you wear contact lenses, these will fully protect you. If you wear glasses, however, we will lend you special protective goggles that you can put over your glasses.

How do you pay?

If you order a tandem jump payment-on-delivery, we will send you a gift pack which you can pay for and collect at the post office. You pay a booking fee of CZK 500 into our account at KB, a.s. Chomutov, account number 19-9003540257/0100, and pay the balance at the airfield on the date of your jump. Payment of the full amount into our account: KB, a.s. Chomutov 19-9003540257/0100; you will be provided with a variable code with which to identify the payment by telephone.

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