Tandem jump

Tandemový seskok

Experiencing free fall on a tandem jump is not a question of courage, fun, or prestige – anyone with the experience will know from that moment on what it means to experience the feeling of being absolute free and unrestrained, will see the world from a completely different perspective, and will understand what it means to be free as a bird.

An experienced tandem pilot will jump with you from a minimum altitude of 3,000 metres. After around 40 seconds of free fall, the parachute will open and safely take you back down to earth.

The simplest and fastest way of experiencing free fall is to take a tandem jump. Only 15 minutes of preparation time are required before the jump. The minimum age for taking a tandem jump is 8 years, and there is no upper limit. A medical examination is not required to take a tandem jump.


A tandem jump from 6,000 metres – break through your boundaries!

We are unique in the Czech Republic in offering the unmatched experience of jumping from an unbelievable 6,000 metres. Free fall lasts up to two times longer than in a standard jump and is one of the most adrenalin-based activities on the planet. Given the need for special equipment, this type of jump is only possible at the airfields in Klatovy and Plzeň.

Videos and photographs of a tandem jump

Videos and photographs can be taken of your tandem jump, from start to finish. For a surcharge, an experienced parachutist will jump with you, record the whole of your jump, and edit the footage.

Tandem jump certificate

To make sure you don’t forget your incredible tandem jump and can brag to your friends, you will receive a certificate of having taken a tandem jump when you land.

Photo gallery

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